Packing your backpack properly

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There is a difference between packing a pack for a hiking trip and for a skiing trip. Here are some smart tips from and advice about how to pack your pack correctly, paying particular attention to the distribution of weight.


On foot
Heavy things should lie high in the backpack right next to your back.


While skiing
Heavy things can lie low right next to the hips.


Weight distribution

Concentrate first on the five heaviest items on your equipment list. If you are walking, pack the heavy things in the middle and towards the top of the backpack, in the section that is right next to your back.
If, on the other hand, you are going skiing, it is smart to place the weight low and towards the back. It is also important to balance the weight in order to prevent the backpack from being too heavy at the top, rear or sides. Several Bergans models offer an opportunity for dividing the main compartment and/or an extra large opening at the front.

This provides optimum opportunities for flexible, practical packing and good weight balance in the backpack. The proper distribution of weight makes the backpack more stable and easier to carry. For the same reason, you should avoid hanging heavy things on your backpack that would shift the balance to the outside.

External compartments

Most big backpacks have external compartments and pockets that are easy to access. This is why it is smart to use them to pack things you need on the way, such as sandwiches, drinks and extra clothes. Otherwise, all baggage should be packed in the backpack itself, with the exception of light objects, such as a bed roll.

How much can the backpack weigh?

The weight you can carry on your back varies a lot from one person to another, but a rule of thumb is 1/4 of your own weight on longer hikes and 1/3 of your own weight for those who are well-trained and used to backpacking. Also remember that it can be smart to undertake a test hike with a fully packed backpack before you go on a long hike.

Remember that there can be sudden weather changes, so always pack the equipment you need for keeping warm and dry if the weather gets bad.


Pack in Bergans equipment bags, and pack matching things together in the big backpack so that you can easily find what you need at nighttime, for example. Pack the most important things in a Dry Bag.

image carrying systems


Whether you are planning a daytrip to the mountains, a weekend away or longer expeditions, it is important to choose the right carrying system to have a comfortable backpack. Bergans has a wide range of rucksacks to suit various requirements.

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Date: 27 Oct 2016