Insight from Paramo: why underlayer when you can overlayer with Torres?

You’re probably familiar with the situation: you’re on the steepest climb up on the way to the summit, and there just isn’t a good spot to stop and put on a warm layer under your shell, but the higher you get, the colder and windier conditions become.

With a traditional 3-layer system, the group needs to halt, breaking the natural rhythm of the activity. You pull off your gloves and remove your hardshell, trying not to lose them to the wind.  Then, you slip into your insulating jacket or fleece, pull everything else back on with numb hands, and continue to walk, having sacrificed body heat and let rain and cold air in under your jacket.

Moments later, you’re sweating and overheating again, as your shell traps in the warmth and sweat – but you know that to resolve it, you’ll have stop again to remove that extra layer.

Overlayering® with Torres is the intelligent alternative to the standard 3-layer system. The concept is simple: instead of putting your insulator on underneath your outer layer, why not just wear it on top? It’s less faff and keeps you warm no matter the weather – the water resistant synthetic fill warms even when wet, so you can pull it over your Analogy Jacket when the temperature drops. The fill has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio and packs down small so you can always find room for it in your pack.

Torres Overlayering® advantages:

1. Intelligent: the insulating layer is worn on the outside, rather than underneath other layers.
2. Fast: can be quickly pulled on over a waterproof – and taken off.
3. Convenient: less stops to change clothing and less hassle if you do pause.
4. Drier: proofed insulation will not inhibit the directionality of your Páramo system.
5. Light: excellent warmth-to-weight ratio.
6. Safe: you’re more likely to use it rather than struggle on, and less likely to lose precious body heat.
7. Practical: the synthetic fill works just as well when wet and can be compressed without damage.

Check out the Torres Overlayering® selection.


Date: 11 Nov 2016