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Lake District Forecast for Wednesday

Dry through daylight hours. Mostly cloudy but some bright or sunny spells likely, the best of these across the northern Fells. Rain expected overnight.


Generally good or very good by day, but falling 5-10 kilometres in later rain.

Hill cloud

70% for much of the day with bases patchy at 500-700m, becoming 30% by late evening as bases lower and thicken from the west.


South or Southwest initially mean 30mph with gusts 40mph across most exposed ridges and summits, easing a touch from late afternoon.


  • Valley: Plus 5C increasing 12C during the afternoon
  • At 800m: Plus 3-5C
  • Freezing level: Above summits

Outlook for next few days

Thursday 24 October

A cloudy start with outbreaks of rain, soon clearing to cold sunny conditions, but showers from late morning. A fine dry end to the day. Freezing level above summits, dropping to 1000m in the evening.

Friday 25 October

Details elusive, but a generally fair start, then a foul finish with strengthening winds coupled with hill fog and potentially heavy rain. Freezing level above summits.

Saturday 26 October

Cloudy with strong winds and occasional rain. Freezing level above summits.

An overview of weather in the Lake District


The summer season in the Lake District actually runs from March to October. The driest period runs between March and June.

The weather is renowned for changing rapidly and rainfall is a predominant feature. The wettest area in the Lake District is known as Sprinkling Tarn which receives approximately 5000mm of rainfall every year!

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The wettest months run from October to January.

Snowfall typically falls from November to March. The valleys of the Lake District receive around 20 days of snow and 200 days of rain per year.

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