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Lake District Forecast for Friday

Clear spells at first, but heavy and possibly thundery rain spreading form south overnight and rather misty with quite extensive low cloud developing, especially onto eastern hills. Rain will become patchy on Friday morning and lowest of the cloud will lift and begin to break. Becoming drier and brighter in the afternoon though there could still be the odd shower and staying hazy, especially over eastern slopes. Becoming misty in the evening too and low cloud will thicken again.


Moderate or poor at first and again later, but generally good in the afternoon, though mid-distance hills rather hazy

Hill cloud

20% or less at first but improving to around 40% in the morning as cloud becomes more broken. Better chance in the afternoon, around 60% with cloud lifting to 800 or 900m at times, but chance reducing in the evening as cloud thickens and lowers


Northeasterly 25mph gusts 35 mph in the morning gradually becoming easterly 20mph in the afternoon then easing 10 mph in the evening


  • Valley: Plus 9 Celsius rising to plus 17 Celsius by day.
  • At 800m: Plus 10 Celsius falling to plus 8 Celsius
  • Freezing level: Well above the tops

Outlook for next few days

Saturday 26 May

A cloudy start with low cloud, mist and fog but gradually lifting and clearing through the morning then dry and bright with sunny spells developing in the afternoon and feeling very warm. Winds turning southeasterly and becoming strong over the tops. Freezing level well above the tops

Sunday 27 May

Clear spells overnight but fog at low levels, though clearing quickly to leave some very warm sunny spells, but the odd heavy and possibly thundery shower may break out in the afternoon. Fog patches and low cloud likely again in the evening. Strong east or southeasterly winds, but freezing levels still well above summits.

Monday 28 May

Fog and low cloud will soon lift and clear, then a mostly dry and bright day with sunny spells and fresh easterly winds. Freezing level well above the tops.

An overview to the weather in the Lake District


The summer season in the Lake District actually runs from March to October. The driest period runs between March and June.

The weather is renowned for changing rapidly and rainfall is a predominant feature. The wettest area in the Lake District is known as Sprinkling Tarn which receives approximately 5000mm of rainfall every year!


The wettest months run from October to January.

Snowfall typically falls from November to March. The valleys of the Lake District receive around 20 days of snow and 200 days of rain per year.

Winter is actually a beautiful time of year to enjoy the spectacular views.

It’s important to stay safe during the Winter period, especially if you are considering exploring the fells. If you’re a fan of the Lake District in Winter, why not register on one of our Winter Skills Courses? Learn more