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Cumbria floods update

Lake District National Park rangers have been out and about placing cordons where they have identified a safety issue with access. People are asked to take these cordons seriously and not to cross them. Even when it appears safe to do so, it is crucial you adhere to the cordons and do not risk your life.

We are undertaking a detailed and prioritised survey of bridges, path surfaces and trees to support access to communities and the rights of way network. For the latest information, visit the Lake District National Park’s Cumbria floods update page.

If you are planning to go walking in the Lake District in the near future, we recommend you take suitable precautions, including checking the weather on the Lake District Weatherline website or by following @LakesWeather on Twitter and be aware that paths are loose and ground may be less stable underfoot. Our advice remains consistent when walking on the fells: if you are unsure whether it is safe to continue along a route, please consider turning back.

Fell Top Conditions on Tuesday 9 February

Readings from Helvellyn summit at 12:00

Temperature minus 2.5°C Maximum wind speed 33.9mph Wind chill minus 8.9°C Average wind speed 19.4mph Wind direction SW

A superb day on the high fells, with lots of fresh snow down to 500m, and distant views possible at times. The snow has gathered on lee slopes to a depth of around 70cm above 600m, with a light dusting below that height. Although scouring on the Helvellyn summit plateau has been observed over the last couple of days, today the snow cover on the high tops was more even. There are cornices on headwalls facing N through to E - please stay well back from these edges.

Striding Edge and Swirral Edge are in full winter condition, require experience in the use of winter equipment including ice axe and crampons, and in making sound mountaineering judgement with regard to the stability of the snowpack. In places sloughing was observed today in the form of mini-avalances on east-facing slopes. The exits from both ridges are turning to good, hard neve, giving steep snow climbing to gain or leave the summit plateau.

With a cloud base today from 700m to above the summits, the visibility ranged from as far distant as Cross Fell in the North Pennines at times, to zero visibility in brief whiteout conditions at others. The ability to navigate accurately using a map and compass is therefore essential.

Come fully equipped with winter clothing and boots, ice axe and crampons, snow goggles, and map and compass and you'll be in for a treat.

Met Office forecast for Wednesday

Issued 10 February at 02:47

A mainly dry day, with good sunny or clear spells once any morning mist or fog patches have cleared. However, some isolated light showers cannot be ruled out throughout the day, falling as snow on ground above 300m but as rain at low levels.

0600 to 0900

Sunny intervals 20% chance of precipitation

0900 to 1200

Sunny 10% chance of precipitation

1200 to 1500

Sunny intervals 20% chance of precipitation

1500 to 1800

Sleet shower 40% chance of precipitation

1800 to 2100

Partly cloudy 20% chance of precipitation

2100 to 2400

Partly cloudy 20% chance of precipitation


Very good, with some excellent vistas across the park. Falling to moderate in any rain showers, and poor in any snow showers on the high ground. Visibility poor in any morning mist and very poor in fog.

Hill fog

Any early valley fog lifting to perhaps give some isolated hill fog patches through the morning. Peaks then becoming clear of hill fog, although some patches above 500m are possible in association with any showers.

Wind at 500m

Northwesterly 25-30mph, with gusts of up to 40mph.


  • Valleys/low level: Plus 1 Celsius, rising to plus 6 Celsius through the day before falling back after dark.
  • At 900m: Around minus 4 Celsius
  • Freezing level: 400-600m.


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Storm force winds

No risk


No risk

Severe chill effect

Low risk - Wintry, blustery showers may give a significant chill effect.

Persistent extensive hill fog

No risk


No risk

Heavy persistent rain

No risk

Strong sunlight

Medium risk - In sunny spells, reflection off the snowpack gives a significant risk of glare.


No risk

Heavy snow

No risk

Forecast for Thursday

Some mist or fog patches may develop in the early hours of the morning, clearing by lunchtime to leave sunny spells and scattered cloud, with a few isolated light snow showers possible over the peaks.


Very good, but moderate to poor in any snow showers. Visibility poor in any morning mist and very poor in fog.

Hill fog

Peaks generally clear, but isolated patches above 500m associated with any showers.

Wind at 500m

Northwesterly 20-25mph, falling light and variable around lunchtime. Towards midnight, becoming southeasterly 15-20mph.


  • Valleys/low level: Zero Celsius at first, rising to plus 6 Celsius through the day and falling back after dark.
  • At 900m: Around minus 4 Celsius
  • Freezing level 400-600m

Outlook for next few days


Starting dry and clear but becoming cloudier, perhaps with some outbreaks of rain and hill snow later. Moderate easterly or southeasterly winds. Freezing level 200-400m.


Overcast with some rain/drizzle possible, falling as snow on the fells. Moderate to strong easterly winds. Freezing level 100-300m.


Cloud becoming patchy but a risk of rain and hill snow remains. Moderate easterly winds, becoming northeasterly later. Freezing level 200-400m.