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Met Office forecast for Thursday

Issued 26 October at 17:38

Mainly dry in early hours with some clear spells. Then becoming cloudy with hill developing. During the day generally cloudy with some patchy light rain or drizzle, especially over southern and western fells with hill fog at times. A clearer spell for a time in the evening before more persistent rain and hill fog arrive towards midnight. A windy day with summit gales.

0000 to 0300

Partly cloudy 0% chance of precipitation

0300 to 0600

Low-level cloud 20% chance of precipitation

0600 to 0900

Drizzle 30% chance of precipitation

0900 to 1200

Low-level cloud 20% chance of precipitation

1200 to 1500

Low-level cloud 20% chance of precipitation

1500 to 1800

Medium-level cloud 20% chance of precipitation

1800 to 2100

Partly cloudy 10% chance of precipitation

2100 to 2400

Light rain 60% chance of precipitation


Moderate to good under the cloud but locally poor in drizzly rain.

Hill fog

Patchy in early hours then occasional above 600-750m in the south and west and persistent above 900m. Patchy for a time in the evening but more widespread and falling 450m by midnight.

Wind at 500m

West to southwest 30 gusts 40mph at midnight increasing 40-45 gusts 50-60mph during the morning.


  • Valleys/low level: Plus 10 Celsius at dawn rising to Plus 14 during the day.
  • At 900m: Plus 5 Celsius.
  • Freezing level: Above the summits.


- from time.is


Storm force winds

No risk


Medium risk - Gusts 50-60mph on the summits. Buffeting, and progress into wind difficult and tiring.

Severe chill effect

Low risk - Though a mild airmass, strength of wind, low summit temperatures and drizzle giving chill.

Persistent extensive hill fog

Medium risk - The persistent fog mainly above 600m, with highest risk late evening.


No risk

Heavy persistent rain

No risk

Strong sunlight

No risk


No risk

Heavy snow

No risk

Forecast for Friday

A dull overcast day with widespread hill fog, and some mainly light rain or drizzle.



Hill fog

Widespread above 450-600m and less than 300m over some southern and western foothills, tending to lift up a bit during the evening.

Wind at 500m

Southwest 40 gusts 50mph at midnight easing 20 gusts 30mph during the day.


  • Valleys/low level: Plus 11 Celsius rising Plus 13 Celsius.
  • At 900m: Plus 6 Celsius.
  • Freezing level Above the summits.

Outlook for next few days


Another dull day with extensive hill fog and some patchy rain or drizzle. Freezing levels above the summits.


Mainly dry, still rather cloudy in the morning some hill fog around, but some brighter weather in the afternoon with some sunny spells. Fresh south to southeast winds on the summits.


The mainly dry mild south to southwesterly airstream looks like lasting another day, with some bright or sunny intervals, a few showers and a fresh southerly summit breeze.