The Lake District weather forecast

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Met Office forecast for Saturday

Issued 1 November at 02:29

By dawn any overnight rain will have cleared to the east, introducing clearer and brighter conditions with a much fresher feel than of late. There will be a risk of the odd shower through the day, before cloud increases in the afternoon heralding the arrival of another band of rain by evening.

0600 to 0900

Light rain 30% chance of precipitation

0900 to 1200

Sunny intervals 10% chance of precipitation

1200 to 1500

Sunny intervals 30% chance of precipitation

1500 to 1800

Light rain 60% chance of precipitation

1800 to 2100

Light rain 60% chance of precipitation

2100 to 2400

Heavy Rain 60% chance of precipitation


Poor in the rain at first, but improving during the morning to good or very good. Dropping temporarily to moderate in any showers, before becoming moderate or poor in the late afternoon as rain moves in.

Hill fog

Any remaining persistent hill fog at around 400m will lift above the summits during the morning, but occasional patches at around 700m are expected at times thereafter. Hill fog will return in the late afternoon down to 500m, with patches as low as 300m mainly in the south and west.

Wind at 500m

Southwesterly 30-35mph with gusts up to 50mph at first, increasing to 40-50mph with gusts of 60-70mph over the more exposed ridges from the afternoon.


  • Valleys/low level: Plus 10 Celsius, rising to plus 14 Celsius.
  • At 900m: Around plus 6 Celsius.
  • Freezing level: Well above the summits.


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Storm force winds

Low risk - During the evening, winds will increase to means of 50mph, gusting to 70mph in exposed locations.


High risk - 50mph gusts expected throughout the day.

Severe chill effect

Low risk - High wind chill in strong winds and rain.

Persistent extensive hill fog

Low risk - Persistent at first, and again in the late afternoon and evening giving navigational difficulties.


No risk

Heavy persistent rain

No risk

Strong sunlight

No risk


No risk

Heavy snow

No risk

Forecast for Sunday

After overnight rain has cleared, a generally bright day with a mixture of showers and sunny spells. Gradually becoming cooler though the day, giving a risk of sleet over the highest summits by the evening, especially in the west.


Moderate or poor in the rain at first, becoming good or very good during the day, with distant peaks visible, but will occasionally fall again to moderate or poor in the showers later on.

Hill fog

Extensive hill fog at 500m will gradually lift by the morning. A few patches down to 500m in the heavier showers in the evening.

Wind at 500m

Southwesterly 25-30mph gusting 45-50mph on summits and ridges.


  • Valleys/low level: Plus 8 Celsius rising to Plus 13 Celsius
  • At 900m: Plus 6 Celsius falling to plus 2 Celsius
  • Freezing level Above the summits.

Outlook for next few days


Scattered showers may fall as sleet or snow over the highest summits. Hill fog perhaps lowering to 500m in any heavier showers. It will feel much cooler than of late with strong southwesterly winds. Freezing level around 950m.


A bright day with some sunny spells is expected but it will feel rather cold. Some showers are expected in the afternoon and these could be wintry down to around 800m in any heavier bursts. Moderate northerly winds. Freezing level just above the summits.


It will be sunny and crisp with light northerly winds, with just a low chance of the odd wintry shower over the high summits. Freezing level around 950m.

Recent conditions

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